Photography in 1-2-3

An open letter to all DSLR owners…

Do you want to be able to take these photos?

Torotno LightningPower and energy captured in time

Drops1Entering the world of aquatic macro

Costa Rica ButterflyDelicate beauty set against hard stone

Nova Scotia - CapeBreton 1Making scenic moments magical

Eagle_flight_1_portraitShowcasing air superiority


How many times have you seen photos that knocked your socks off and you thought “How did the photographer take that?  What’s their secret?”

I’ll bet you’ve seen lots of stunning photos online, in magazines, or even in galleries.  Whenever I’ve come across a photo I like I always try to find our more about how it was taken.


Photos found online generally don’t share much info

All I usually find are one-sentence blurbs that vaguely explain a setting or two on the camera and that’s about it.  I’ve often tried to replicate the photo without enough guidance.  But I usually didn’t have much success when I started.

Most of the awesome pictures that are online are posted because the photographer is proud of them.  But their intent isn’t to instruct others on how to take the shot.

They’re posting to share with people, to promote their name as a photographer, or to generate new business.


NovaScotia-CapeBreton-scenic-boatsVibrant colors in everyday life


Photography books are too general

Then there’s the “fun” process of reading lots of books and magazines on photography.  What a mess!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read many of them and did learn.  But I’ve never learned exactly what I needed to know at that time.

Photography books are great to learn the basic and advanced concepts and techniques.  Which is great.  However, when you have a specific shot you want to take in mind, a book won’t help you.

You don’t get exact instructions on how to create the photo you want to take.  You get great knowledge, but then you need to spend lots of time trying to figure out how to apply that knowledge to create the photo you want.


Toronto-CarStreaks Motion exemplified

It could take months or even years

From when I first saw lightning captured in a photo and started trying to do the same, it took me over a year to actually succeed.  I’m glad I was persistent and kept trying out different techniques and learning various secrets to taking the shot.  But if I had to do it over again, I’d rather just learn right away what equipment is needed to how to do it.

Saving time is important to me.  Between my family, work, and friends, I really can’t afford to waste much time these days on something that won’t get to me as fast as I can to my goal.


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Hi there,


Terrance (artistic self-portrait)


Ever since I got into photography I’ve had a strong desire to get better.  Its part of my nature I guess.  I’ve been like that for every new hobby, interest, and activity I’ve ever undertaken.  I figure there’s no point doing something halfheartedly.

For photography, whenever I see a photo I like I want to know how to take it and I want to learn quickly.  I’m an impatient guy that way.

I’ve learned a lot about taking incredible photos over the years since I’ve started.  But I didn’t learn as fast as I’d like.  Most books and courses I took would teach general techniques but not how to take the specific shots that I wanted to create.

That frustrated me.  Thankfully, I persevered.


Costa Rica JungleShowing the magnitude of the forest in Costa Rica


After spending years of effort and hard work I eventually learned the core secrets to amazing photography.

When I decided to create this guide, I designed it like one that I wanted when I first started learning.  One that had a bunch of great photos I liked, and showed exactly how to take them so I can go out an do them right away as well.

If you’ve liked the photos you’ve seen so far and want to know EXACTLY how to take the same shots, then keep reading.

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My shots before I learned how

Toronto Scene TheRock-TreeObscured NYC6

Horrific photos – bad composition, bad colors, bad…well everything


Look at the photos above.  They’re from years ago when I was struggling to get better.  Some of them were from trying shots I probably saw online.  Sadly, I didn’t have any good instructions on how to take them, so what you see above is the mess that I ended up with.  Can you relate?

It can be frustrating to go through this process of trial and error with no guide or template to speed up the learning process.  I’d be nice to say I was an unusual case, but I’m guessing most people go through this.  Do you ever feel like this?

Like most, I just didn’t have clear instructions on how to take photos that I really liked.

And even harder was that I had diverse photographic interests.  Who wants to learn one style and take the same types of photos all day?

Ever see the series of just doors?  While interesting, I think that would bore me pretty fast.


What sort of photos interest you?

TravelExceptional travel photos make family and friends jealous


Stunning landscapeBreathtaking landscapes and sunsets,set your heart to stun!


 Creative artisticCreative shots for the artistic types


Exotic wildlifeExotic wildlife, up close and personal

 Moon-1Celestial bodies up close and personal


More failed attempts – do these look familiar?

 Sense_of_Motion  CBOTBabyRaccoons_20120531_1

Overexposed, blurry, bad lighting – what was I thinking!


The photos above are some of my shots before everything started to come together for me.  But it’s not like I didn’t know anything at the time.  I was always reading photography sites, magazines, and books.

But there was one problem.  Most of the sites I read were very unorganized and they rarely taught what I needed to know to take the photo they showed.

So my path was one of doing lots of research, reading endless photography books, and spending countless hours on trial and error.  I had no choice but to learn the hard way.

If you like these photos, I’ll show you how to take them.  It’s easy as 1-2-3!


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The “Photography in 1-2-3” eBook



Mastering the kind of amazing photos YOU WANT TO TAKE can be as easy as these 3 steps:

Number-1-icon     Choose one of the many photos in my eBook

Number-2-icon     Follow the detailed guide on how I took the photo

Number-3-icon     Go and replicate the photo and get the results you want


My eBook Photography in 1-2-3 is a straight forward guide that delivers what people need:  step-by-step details on how to recreate an amazing photo that will awe your friends and family.  How will you learn to take these photos?

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  • All 25 of my photos on this page (excluding the bad examples!) are covered in the eBook.  If you see shots here you like, its in the book!
  • Don’t get frazzled about settings – I’ll show your how to set your camera, and why
  • Become a composition pro after learning the ins and outs from the volume of shots included
  • I reveal the keys to the biggest secret in photography – the art of the lighting a shot
  • A detailed list of what equipment is needed and the bare essentials you can get away with
  • Take your photo from “wow” to “gasp!” with some simple software edits – without spending $500 on Photoshop!

This manual will show you how to take EVERY SINGLE photo on this page with a DSLR!  That’s 25 different photos to replicate, with full explanations on how to take each and every one of them.

Value: $45 – finally, an eBook that will show you how to replicate the very shots you want to takeThere is no better eBook for you to learn what I have to offer.

Save time and effort of learning lots of techniques just so you can take one photo and hone in to exactly what you need to know.


So what’s this eBook look like?  Check it out:

PhotographyIn1-2-3Inside2beautifully designed and easy to read, this is a professionally designed digital download and now an ugly Word document.



cr-zoo-waterfall2Smooth waterfall technique


CNE Ferris Wheel Translate motion in a still image


Cuba-Havana-capitolHavana, Cuba, 2012


Toronto artisic architectureArtistic architecture, 2008


Birds in MexicoMexico, 2011


Roof of Trees Big Sur, 2010

Pumpkinhead1Jack-o-lantern, 2009


[guarantee_box_1 title=”My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]

My guarantee is simple.  If after 60 days of using the “Photography in 1-2-3” course you are not satisfied with what you learned, I’ll send you a full refund.  That gives you 2 full months to go through the easy three step process and creating amazing photos.

I promise you will love this program!

Terrance, Creator of Photography in 1-2-3



Download Photography in 1-2-3

When you download now to get the Photography on 1-2-3 eBook and you will transform your photography skills!

All of the techniques, processes, and equipment will be exactly what I used to create all of these and more amazing photographs.

If I were to teach you in private sessions, I’d charge you $100 an hour and you’d end up spending at least $1,000 or more.  And you’d have to take all your own notes.

Here you’ll be able to have all the material, learn at your own pace (fast or slow), and will get the same results.  Plus, you won’t have to fly in to see me!

You will get the Photography in 1-2-3 eBook and all the bonuses, with a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, for a special discount.

Since this is my initial launch, I want to generate a good vibe with you.  So you can forget about the $45.

I’ve seen some other photography eBooks change $35 and even more, but I want to give you an even better deal for my launch.  So….

You will learn how to take all of these photos for $7!


The Photography in 1-2-3 eBook

Is Not Available Anywhere Else!

 The Photography in 1-2-3 eBook is the result of many years of reading photography books, taking 10s of thousands of photos, and experimenting until I mastered the DSLR.  You are going to learn how I took each of these unique photos.

These lessons are exclusive to Photography in 1-2-3 and cannot be found anywhere else.

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Added Bonus!

Lighroom Magic

As a special bonus, I am adding my “Lightroom Magic” eBook.  This eBook will help you learn my core image processing techniques that I do in Lightoom, which take my photos to a whole new level.

PhotographyIn1-2-3 Lighroom Magic - Cover

The eBook will also show you come core techniques that any photographer should know, including:

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  • Removing dust spots from your image
  • Leveling a photo
  • and Black and While conversions




This added bonus is included for free with the purchase of my Photography in 1-2-3 eBook.  I hope you enjoy this added bonus!


Here are some more great photographs that you’ll learn to take in the Photography in 1-2-3 eBook.


Revolver-cyliner-redlightLaser light painting, 2008


Rifle-sight-lightpaintedControlling Flash, 2009


NovaScotia-Louisbourg-artisticArtistic vacation shots, 2012


Total Value: $45

Available Now for Only $7

I know that you’ll be extremely happy when you get the Photography in 1-2-3 eBook right now.

With an extensive collection of amazing photos that you’ll finally be able to replicate without wasting hours of research, reading, and eventual frustration – you’ll jump to the next level in your photography.  Guaranteed!

You can start right now with the instant downloads.  Why are you waiting?


What’s Your Next Step?

 Simple.  Become an amazing photographer.  No waiting needed.

Just click the Order Now button, enter your credit card or PayPal details on the next page, and get ready for the best photography guide.


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When your order completed, you will automatically be redirected to a page with a download link for your eBook.

By tomorrow, you will be a better photographer.


$45 Today: $7


Cheers to your success!


Terrance Roman


PS  – the Photography in 1-2-3 eBook is THE best way to unleash your photography potential.  You get to focus on replicating amazing photos with a step-by-step, clear, and precise guide.  It only takes three simple steps: 1) select the photo, 2) follow the detailed guide, and 3) try it on your own.

No other book, guide, course, program, magazine, website, blog, or video is structured the way it is in the Photography in 1-2-3 eBook.  That I promise.

Isn’t it take your photography skills got to the next level?

$45 Today: $7


PPS – Alright, so you’ve come this far and you are clearly interested in become a better photographer and learning from gorgeous photos that you’ve been admiring.  But I’ll bet you bought magazines and books before and you still didn’t improve.  Perhaps they weren’t good.  Maybe you didn’t have time.  Or maybe you didn’t have the confidence.  So let me tell you this:

Anyone can become a great photographer.  You just need to learn how from a proven process. 

Look at my photos.  Guess what?  I never went to art school, I didn’t start until I was in my late 20’s, and I work as a bank in an analytical job.  All these would be typical signs of “not good” when it comes to photography, but the proof is above.  You don’t need need a fancy art degree or film in your blood.

The best way to prove that: buy this eBook now and take the next steps into awesomeness.

Remember, you have my 60-day money back guarantee.  If you don’t get better, if you can’t replicate any of these shots, if you don’t find any value in the material whatsoever, then you get a $100 money back guarantee.  And you don’t need to trust me.  Payment processing and refunds are handled by, one of the world’s largest online retailer of eBooks.


$45 Today: $7


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What if I don’t have the same model DSLR as you do?

That’s not a problem.  Pretty much all DSLRs operate in the same basic manners.  As long as your model has a dial to change models between Aperture priority, Shutter priority, manual mode, and can interchange lenses, then you are all good.  And that accounts for the majority of all DSLRs.

Q: What if I don’t have fancy lenses like you have?

Most of the photographs that you see here today are taken with my standard lens (in this case one with a 24-105 focal length), but for most any lens will do.  You will learn how to compensate by technique and/or software edits to get your desired results.  Only in a few cases would you need a specific lens or attachment, and in some of those cases I show you how to “cheat” to get a similar effect.

Q: What if I want to take different pictures than what you took?

I teach you a whole range of techniques here.  While the primary goal to replicate what I did, you can certainly take the principles you learned and apply them to other types of shots.  In my opinion, that’s the best par of photography – you can learn how to do one type of shot and then apply that knowledge with your own artistic twist.  The world is your oyster!

Q: Do I need a super expensive DLSR to do  these shots?

Absolutely not!  I started out with a lower end DSLR and it functions almost identically to a higher end one.  You will have all the functions and features that you need to take these shots.


$45 Today: $7